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Maker's Mark 2020 L.E. SE4xPR5

Maker's Mark 2020 L.E. SE4xPR5

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Maker's Mark 2020 L.E. SE4xPR5 - 750ml

Nose: An oaky undertone weaves together with dried vanilla bean, syrup, baking spices and a hint of cinnamon apple. These scents are supported by a pleasant layer of caramel which acts as a good base. While the proof isn’t shy about making itself known, it adds just the right amount of ethanol to let you know that this is a barrel proof bourbon. Overall, the aromas are nicely packaged and deliver a great start to the sip.


Palate: Large doses of spiced vanilla and baking spices are topped with a touch of burnt caramel. A thread of syrup weaves itself through, adding a touch of sweetness. SE4 x PR5 delivers a spicier palate than you would expect for a wheated bourbon, and in the end the flavors work well together to form a delicious fusion.

Finish: Sweet notes of caramel and vanilla hit for just a second before being almost bulldozed by aged oak and leather. While a thread of vanilla tries to hang on, it just can’t keep up with the aged oak and leather. These two flavors can often come across as dry, however here they manage to toe the line just enough to keep them enjoyable. This combo flavor lingers and sticks stays with you for minutes afterwards.

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